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Linda "Lin" Quinn was born in a small town in Upstate New York. She's a wife, mother/mother-in-law to six adult children and a Nana/Gammy to her beautiful grand babies.

Lin began drawing, playing in the mud and writing at a young age. Many hours were spent adding words to wordless books at the library across the street, wondering through the creek behind the house digging up clay for pots and mimicking the work of her favorite artists.

Lin and her husband own a gift shop, Under The Nose, located at the trailhead of Vroman’s Nose in Upstate New York where they cater to the many travelers looking for snacks and mementos upon completing their hike. Lin also spends her time creating whimsical creatures on her potters wheel as well as writing and illustrating children's books.

Lin is a published author, illustrator, graphic artist and potter.

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